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We have an easy to follow, simple system, that guarantees your path to success as a leader of an eWomenNetwork chapter. This is truly an exciting opportunity if you want to rapidly standout in your city and become a major influencer all while getting paid to follow our proven success process.

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Toni Caruso

Executive Managing Director

North Dallas/Plano, TX

Phone: 818-800-0752

Platinum Strategic Online Business Introductions

Sep 29, 2023 @ 11:00 AM

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Sep 29, 2023

Platinum Strategic Online Business Introductions

This is exclusively for you!

You’re invited to a private ONLINE networking experience reserved only for PLATINUM Members.

Do you ever feel like there is just one little adjustment you need to make and your business would soar? The only problem is you’re so close to it that you can’t see it. Honestly, most of us are too close to the forest to see the trees. Maybe what you need is some fresh new eyes and new creative thinking on your business. 

The very thing you are looking for—that magic solution, just may unpack itself at this intimate mastermind experience with up to 12, success minded PLATINUM attendees. Your PLATINUM tribe is here with creative ideas, perspectives and solutions.  

  •  Make outstanding new connections

  •  Share what your business offers 

  •  Test your ideas & get honest feedback

  •  Discover new alliance partners & resources

  •  Obtain transformative guidance & support for your business

During this ONLINE event you’ll be a part of our unique mastermind "Wisdom Circle" process. Your needs are front and center with all attention on what is important to the success of your business. You gain the collective insights from the group.  

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Oct 17, 2023

You've Published a Book, Now What?

Writing your book is the first step in your publishing journey.  Understanding the power of your book and what you can do with it will enable you to, not only position you as the expert in your field, but also to get the visibility and recognition you desire and deserve.  But you have to know how.

Critically acclaimed author, speaker and media mentor, Suzy Prudden, not only publishes your book, she guides you on your journey to massive success with your book.  It's not enough to just write your book.  You hae to market, market, market your book. You have to: Get speaking gigs, Be Seen and Heard on Podcasts, Vodcasts, TV News shows and radio.  You have to be written up in Newspapers and Magizines.  You have to leave no stone unturned.

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Oct 19, 2023

The Truth Behind Building a Highly Successful Business as an Entrepreneur

You’ve chosen to be an entrepreneur. The enthusiasm is contagious. Things are happening and the excitement is uplifting and your creativity is buzzing. Then comes the time to put it all into action and make those dreams you want to come true.

For a multitude of reasons that passion can shift and not produce what you had wanted.

Life can take over…

You can hit a place that you weren’t prepared for…

Things take longer than you expected and your energy starts to wean down…

You hit a place in your business where you don’t know the next step and things start to continue in a different direction and you don’t know where to go or what to do… Many things can take you off your game.

Good news! It can take much less creativity than you think to shift and succeed. Deb will surprise you with exactly that in this lecture. In no time you’ll be back in play and back in game!

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Nov 14, 2023

What's Your Green?

During this bold and impactful talk, the audience is challenged on how they say what they say and to bring a new perspective to their day to day conversations.  They leave with a new approach that applies to building teams as well as their personal life to make a shift that not only can make them more successful, but happier!

  • Why we hear differently!
  • Learn the 3 pieces to every sentence uttered out loud
  • Malice or No? The Choice is Yours!

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Nov 16, 2023

Staying Healthy and Powerful on Your Million Dollar Journey

I’ve curated a topic specifically for eWomenNetwork stages called “Staying Healthy on Your Million Dollar Journey.” With a sense of humor and a lot of truth, I’ve come up with the 5 ‘F’ Words we must master to unite health with wealth.

When I coach and speak, I share them. They are: Food, Fitness, Faith, Fulfillment and how to join these with Finance. I reveal to them one nutrition change they can make right now to see amazing weight and energy benefits in just 2 weeks. I share an exercise method that only takes 20 minutes, 3 times a week that is guaranteed to torch fat. I teach daily habits that can help them to reprogram and build confidence that can take as little as five minutes a day.

Finally, I share some other “F” words that I’d like to leave with you today. Flourish, Family, Fantastic Friends and Fun. Here’s to a Fabulous Future.

Again, my name is Esta McIntyre. I live in St. George Utah and I’m a member of the Las Vegas chapter, and it would be my pleasure to serve you and your chapter members.

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