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Empowering Change From the Eyes of a Horse

Do you feel stuck in your business and you’re not sure why? Wonder why you aren’t making the kind of impact you want to make, to move forward in your business?
Many entrepreneurs struggle because of some hidden emotional event or even apparent trauma in their life, which hasn’t been identified or realized. That can have a deep impact on how they deal with clients, situations or moving their business forward... without even knowing it. 
Would you like a unique method to reveal where you might be stuck in the muck... of your emotions? Would you like to discover more self-awareness, learn how to build your team more effectively, or even have more confidence?  
Join Vanessa in this fascinating presentation where she will share her story of trauma, how she became a victor rather than a victim, by using Equine Therapy, She will show you how it can transform and empower you, to see where you are emotionally stuck. This affects all areas of life... personal and professional. Unfortunately, there will not be horses present.    

Vanessa Kohnen

Founder and CEO

Vanessa Kohnen, Founder and CEO of Rancho Milagro, where hearts are renewed, and minds learn to thrive in every arena of life. Vanessa is a retired Paramedic from Sun City West Fire Department, Equine Specialist, wife, and mother of many. She has taken medical teams around the world and has seen and experienced trauma firsthand, and how it affects our daily lives. She now uses horses to transform lives. 

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