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Impactful Decision Making

Do you freeze when it comes to making key decisions in your business?

Are you avoiding making decisions like the plague?

Is worrying about making the wrong decision preventing you from making any decision at all?

Well then join Kimberley Borgens, CEO and 30+ year entrepreneur as she shares how to prioritize your decisions, when the best time to make decisions for yourself is and how to put many decisions on autopilot so you don't end up in decision fatigue so you can be the successful entrepreneur that you want to be. 

Kimberley Borgens

CEO & Increase Your Cash Flow Specialist

Kimberley Borgens, the Queen of Accountability, helps small business women overcome the urge to do-it-all themselves. She knows what it’s like to start from nothing & build business from the ground up. Married at 18, mother at 19, divorced at 20.  F being a single mom on welfare fighting for what she believes in, Kimberley successfully built 5 businesses with hundreds of employees & million-dollar budgets.

Kimberley helps her clients leverage the tools and techniques of a CEO by setting budgets, systems and goals that help them run their business without it running them.

As a speaker, author & business owner, Kimberley inspires & motivates women to be fearless, become the CEO of their business/life, and enjoy the freedom they’ve dreamed of.

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