Succeeding Against All Odds Sandra yancey and 35+ Inspiring Entrepreneurs

Catapult your visibility and stardom! Share your message with the world! Become a co-author in Sandra Yancey’s latest book of inspirational true stories of triumph.

Succeeding Against All Odds  is both a cutting-edge multimedia book with embedded audio and video (available on iPad and other digital platforms) and a traditional print book. This extraordinary book will be jointly promoted by the 35+ co-authors featured in Sandra's book and through the extensive eWomenNetwork marketing channels. This is your FAST-TRACK to becoming both a published and 21st century new media author!

Massive marketing and promotion punch will go into the promotion of this book! Succeeding Against All Odds will be marketed at eWN events and chapters, on Blogs, banner ads, Facebook and Twitter, at the Success Institute, rotating author showcase and on the home page of eWomenNetwork and eWomenPublishingNetwork.

AND, Sandra will personally promote this project at her speaking engagements and in media interviews.

Participation is super easy – our expert ghostwriters will interview you, help you find your story and write your chapter in keeping with your natural style. Even if you are a great writer, our editorial team will save you precious time.

We provide marketing training and teach you how to leverage the print and multimedia book to build your own marketing platform and social media network, increase your email list and sell more of your own products.

Get a behind-the-scenes peek on how to conduct an Amazon bestseller campaign. You may even become a BESTSELLING AUTHOR!

Rapidly accelerate your growth plan – gain enhanced credibility and prestige as a leader and EXPERT AUTHORITY in your field! This is smart marketing for savvy entrepreneurs who have no time to waste.

As an extra bonus you will receive a FREE one-year membership to eWomenSpeakersNetwork and a FREE one-year membership to the eWomenNetwork Success Institute. ($1,174 bonus value)

You will be participating in so much more than just a book. You will be a part of an extraordinary multimedia marketing platform that will showcase you in ways you could never achieve on your own.  It’s time for you to SHINE!  And we will help you to “Get It Done.”

Sandra’s last book “Succeeding In Spite of Everything” helped her Co-authors to become #1 Best-selling Authors in TEN Amazon Categories!  Imagine yourself, potentially, enjoying that level of success and visibility in her new book for 2013.

Benefits and Agreement Summary

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Read the experience of the Co-authors from
“Succeeding In Spite of Everything”
and imagine yourself in their place in 2013!

"I just want to tell you how much I truly love my chapter. You did a phenomenal job. I have told so many people what a beautiful process it was, and how incredibly unbelievable it was to work with everyone on your team. You streamlined everything, and made is easy and so simple. I feel blessed having had this opportunity."   -- Kelley Edelblut

"My whole experience with the process was truly magical. All the way from your ghost writer's incredible ability to draw out my personal story to understanding the journey and the tremendous amount of work that goes into taking a book all the way to becoming a #1 Amazon Best Seller. Thank you to all the co-authors and the incredible team that worked behind the scenes."   -- Carole M Friesen

"It's a joy and dream come true to participate in Sandra's book.  The process flowed easily and effortlessly. The brilliance, expertise and heart of each one involved came through powerfully. To Ruby and her phenomenal team I am so grateful for this opportunity-- you made us all SHINE! and we are now #1 Best Selling Authors. YEAH! Kudos to you! Continue your Extraordinary work of expanding the messages of inspiration and empowerment to the world."   -- Shaun Stephenson

I was just blown away how your ghost writer was able to listen to my story and put it in my words.  She was my voice for sure. It even made me cry. I had one of my girlfriends read it and she too cried. What a gift she has to be able to do that. She was always so pleasant and encouraging every time I spoke with her.  Koodo's for her!  I can't wait to be able to meet her and thank her in person.   -- Jeannie Douthitt

I am so glad I listened to my heart and chose to participate in this book.  Thank you for the opportunity to share my story and give others the courage to follow their dreams!  The support we received from the entire team made this a memorable experience.   I am honored and thrilled to be among these amazing women and part of this extraordinary book!    -- Rochelle Togo-Figa

Thanks for doing such an amazing job of taking my words and making the story flow exactly the way I wanted it. You rock! I honor you for your focus and talent! Love my chapter!   --Lisa Chell


The first morning after the book was launched during the Amazon Campaign, I woke up to many people who wanted my bonus offer. It literally humbled me to my knees with tears and laughter! To sum up in one word, the experience of being a published author, and an Amazon #1 Best seller (in 9 categories!):  Humbling!   -- Connie Hertz

I always knew I would be published some day, but quite honestly the challenge of making it happen was so overwhelming to me that it stopped me in my tracks.  Having this opportunity to work with your Publishing group was truly a dream come true!  Their professionalism and caring made it seamless from start to brilliant #1 Bestseller finish!   –- Becky Skaggs


Benefits and Agreement Summary

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