Stardom Strategy Mastermind Experience

Tap into the wisdom and brilliance of one of the most successful entertainment and Hollywood superstar managers of all time, Ken Kragen. His experience, ideas, concepts, connections and insights can transform your business. Ken is a star-maker who's creative and strategic thinking skills are legendary for catapulting the careers of stars like Kenny Rogers, Lionel Richie, Trisha Yearwood, the Bee Gees and many others. Ken has achieved feats that clearly presented themselves as impossible—from creating and organizing "We Are the World” to "Hands Across America".

Joining Ken will be Sandra & Kym Yancey, the founders of eWomenNetwork, the largest women's business network in North America. The Yanceys are creative powerhouses who are masters at coaching leaders and entrepreneurs on how to make quantum leaps in their careers and businesses. They are experts at marketing and promotion and will combine their talents with Ken Kragen to personally guide you and set you on a fast-track course to success. You will leave this mastermind experience with transformative ideas, incredible energy, excitement for the future, and clarity for how to make your dream a reality.

Only 13 participants are permitted in each mastermind weekend.

Day 1

Get-acquainted mastermind brunch at Ken Kragen's spectacular Beverly Hills home in the exclusive gated community of Mulholland Estates. This is where celebrities such as Tom Jones, Charlie Sheen, Brian Wilson, Vanna White, Paris Hilton, Slash and others also live. Brunch is followed by an afternoon session where you will get a chance to connect on a deeper level, clarify your intentions and prepare for the exciting opportunity ahead of you.

Day 1

Intensive sessions of deep masterminding in the Penthouse suite at the Luxe Rodeo Hotel in Beverly Hills, with Ken Kragen, Sandra and Kym Yancey and the other VIPs sharing this experience with you. You will present your business to the group and share your concept, along with your ultimate vision and goals. You’ll disclose your challenges and explain to the group where you find yourself losing traction and getting stuck. Then the real action begins as Kragen, the Yanceys and the rest of your mastermind partners begin pouring out their ideas, strategies and concepts to accelerate your business success.

This is the first time that Ken Kragen has ever agreed to share his genius in a
mastermind experience like this. You are in for an extraordinary three days.

Any surprises? It wouldn’t be an eWomenNetwork experience without a surprise up our sleeves! Besides, adding Ken Kragen to the mix guarantees it! Rest assured your 3-day Stardom Strategy Mastermind Experience will include a fabulous surprise that will make this experience memorable on multiple levels!

Payment Plans

Nov. 10-12, 2012 Sign-up for the January Mastermind