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Amy Matthews

Marketing Strategy

Amy Matthews Integrated


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Coaching Philosophy

I believe that to achieve real success and longevity, everything in business should begin and end with your customer.  And that means that, without a doubt, your marketing must be about your customer, NOT you.  Their needs and wants.  Their pain points.  The consequences of those pain points.  And how you uniquely solve them.  It isn't about a list of features and benefits that make you look good.  It is about what they need and how you provide it.  When you take the time to truly understand your customers and why they buy and then incorporate that into your strategy, everything starts to fall into place.

Marketing doesn't have to be hard. Stop making it that way!

Who Can Benefit Most

An entrepreneur at a pivotal point in her business where effective marketing can lead to significant growth. She values practical, results-driven strategies and is in search of a concise, actionable plan that she can implement easily.  She's motivated by growth and scalability and would benefit greatly from clear, step-by-step marketing guidance tailored to entrepreneurs.

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