Premier Success Coach

Felicia Searcy

Spiritual Success Coach

Felicia Searcy, Results Expert, Inc.


Coach Donor Platinum

Coaching Philosophy

“I just need to believe more in myself. I get in my own way.”

Have you ever heard yourself say these words when it comes to building your big, bold dream? 

What if I told you it is not about believing more in yourself?

It is about truly believing and understanding the Invisible side of our success. 

I help you understand that it is way beyond believing in yourself and your dream is asking you to  deepen your belief and UNDERSTANDING that there are immutable laws that govern our results.

As we work together, you will learn how to go beyond vision boards and surface affirmations to a deep understanding and relationship with Universal Laws in such a way that you are profoundly transform and your life is such that you find yourself saying several times a day, “I LOVE my life” realizing that this is your highest contribution to our world. 

Who Can Benefit Most

Heart centered entrepreneurs who have done all of the things yet, the success you crave still alludes you. You have worked with business coaches and sales coaches, have a vision board and say affirmations and yet, you know you are capable of so much more and are stuck. 

Heart centered entrepreneurs who  have already created a wonderful degree of success and now want to know just how high you can fly! 

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