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In the past year, technology has become more prominent in our lives and careers than ever before due to the effects of the global pandemic. We have transferred our interactions and communication to the digital world. The question is, how has this shift impacted our mental health? 

Is the increase in technology use good or bad for mental health, or does technology have more benefits than meets the eye? It’s a nuanced question that will have varied perspectives depending on who you’re asking. However, one thing is certain, there has been a huge rise in the role mental health plays in the digital space.

Let’s dive into why and how to use technology to promote a healthy state of mind as an entrepreneur.

What is mental health, and why is it so important?

Mental health is a combination of our psychological, emotional, and social satisfaction. It plays an important role in our overall well-being, from our personal to professional lives. It affects how we interact with others, the decisions we make, how we feel about ourselves, and so much more. In fact, 49% of entrepreneurs are directly affected by mental health issues. 

According to this study by Michael Freeman, entrepreneurs are 50 percent more likely to report having a mental health condition. And yet, many struggle to talk about it or understand how to cope with it. This is commonly experienced in the form of burnout, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. With the increase in technology use in our daily lives, we’ve seen - or even experienced - how it can damage mental health. On the other side, there’s also been a surplus amount of tools created to support a healthy state of mind. 

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How can entrepreneurs use technology to their advantage?

The digital world can be a great source for entrepreneurs seeking to understand their own mental health state. We’re pinpointing three ways that technology can help in regards to mental health in the workplace.

  1. Accessibility - Technology is making it easier to find the answers as to what is going on in our heads, how it’s affecting our lives, and what we can do about it. This way everyone is able to measure and manage their mental well-being wherever they go, and on any smart device, they have. 

  1. Destigmatize - Technology removes any possible feeling of shame or disgrace that entrepreneurs may feel while exploring their mental health. It provides public and private channels to talk about and seek support for their struggles without being judged. Think of it as an open and safe space for anyone to take the first step on their well-being journey. 

  1. Analyze and Improve - Digital solutions allow entrepreneurs to observe what is happening to them, which will lead them to ways they can improve their mental health. 

Running a business is a lot of work, which makes it difficult to make time to understand the intricacies of our complex minds. Luckily, technology allows us to track, analyze, and make sense of everything that is happening within, which enables us to visualize which areas need improvement - many times it all comes down to habits we must change.

What digital resources are available that I can start using to take the first step in or elevate my mental health journey?

There are so many tools and resources on the market that can improve your mental health from online therapy to mindfulness apps. We’re sharing some of our favorites that have helped us along our way of entrepreneurship and can hopefully bring some value to yours.

Mental Health Apps


This meditation app offers various sessions, playlists, and lessons on the importance of mental health. From quick breathing exercises to night-time remedies, there’s something for every entrepreneur. There are also special sessions by some of your favorite celebrities like Lebron James, Matthew McConaughey, and Laura Dern.


A meditation, sleep, and wellness app. This resource allows you to start the day with mini-meditations, release stress with “Move Mode” or just set the perfect unwinding ambiance to end your workday. Plus, there are articles within the app that provide more insight into your journey.


Better Help

Have a virtual therapist at the touch of a button. Whether you need to vent or dive deeper into a mental health issue, Better Help allows you to get counseling from anywhere and at any time.

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Social Media


Yes, even social media has a lot of value for your mental health. It’s a space where others share the same struggles as you do and provide solutions to them. You also have the power to share your own important information and story to provide value for others, as well.

Find the right tech tools to aid you on your mental health journey!

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