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Let’s Make the Most of Memorial Day Weekend!

Believe it or not, some of our most beloved summer holiday activities boast business benefits.

Looking ahead to Memorial Day, we entrepreneurs can feel a bit conflicted. As our friends and family plan for fun, and though we may be in serious need of some relaxation, we can’t help but wonder, “Shouldn’t I use this time to play catch-up at the office?” In response, the words of author Anne Lamott come to mind: “Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.”

The upcoming three-day break provides the ideal opportunity for a reset, and some of our most beloved early summer activities have benefits on the work front, too. It’s true – taking the time to lower stress levels can lead to improved focus, better decision-making, and increased productivity, and that’s not the half of it!

Read on for the scoop on how to make the most of your Memorial Day Weekend:

Host a Back Yard Barbeque: The quintessential warm-weather weekend activity provides an ideal opportunity to fire up the grill. And did you consider that bonding over brisket also has the potential to expand your professional network and client list? If it’s been a while since you checked-in with certain friends and neighbors, now’s the perfect time. You might just make the best connection of the year.

Plan a Pool Day: There’s nothing like dangling your feet in a cool, blue pool on a sunny day – or diving right into the deep end! And, though we do recommend slathering on the SPF, those poolside rays can help the body produce vitamin D, which is specifically linked to cognitive function. Not to mention, fresh air and physical activity are an essential antidote for long days spent at your desk or hunched over your cell phone.

Attend Your Family Reunion: All those aunts and uncles and cousins can be exhausting, it’s true, but there’s nothing like sharing memories with family to bring us joy. Reunions also provide a unique setting to exchange stories and advice with relatives in many stages of life, from recent grads to new parents to retirees. Whether it’s a much-needed gut check or a reminder of just how far we’ve come, family time is ideal for enhancing empathy and perspective.

Take a Road Trip: No matter where you go, or who you travel with, there are countless benefits to hitting the open road. For starters, navigating new places and unexpected situations can improve adaptability and problem-solving skills. Plus, all those new sights, sounds, and experiences are sure to spark creativity. Last but certainly not least, an abundance of new connections await when you travel outside your typical networking radius.

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