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For e-commerce companies, the package sent mostly represents the perfect point of contact and the connection and communication with the client. It is also one of the most underutilized marketing opportunities.   The packaging arose from the demand for the protection of the materials during the entire shipping and the custom process, but focusing mainly on the function means that you could ignore the possible marketing impact of your packaging. Well done, a brand packaging and unpacking experience is an opportunity to offer a functional product and create a memorable moment for your customers.

What is the brand packaging experience?

Online retailers have fewer points of contact to give pleasure compared to physical retailers. The advantage of the efficiency of online shopping can come at the cost of the tactile and practical experience with a product before making a purchase. That's why it's important to pay special attention to the points of contact you have available to create a memorable brand experience such as personalized labels for customers and differentiate yourself from competitors. In total, a brand packaging experience is a careful selection of shipping and packaging materials.

What is an unboxing?

It has been a long time since the scope of the unboxing has surprised you. Users like them and, therefore, you like them too. In today's post, you will find some of the necessary elements to create an incredible, memorable unboxing experience and get certain profitability.

In an unboxing video, obviously, it is not simply a task in which the user opens the box. Usually, they last for several minutes and the person who performs them usually stops in every detail - the external packaging, the quality, and design of the box, the protections that there are in the interior and, of course, all the elements and complements that are included or instructions. 

What platforms are used?

As you can imagine, when you talk about videos, the platform par excellence is and will be YouTube for a long time. There are millions of videos of unboxing posted there, sometimes in isolation and other times within specific channels in which only this type of content is made. In reality, this type of content has ended up becoming a genre in itself that goes beyond simple videos. They have also started to make very popular some blogs that accompany the video of an extensive review, in many cases, it is a category within them.

The outer packaging

You cannot forget that your box is a design marvel, in many cases it will come in an outer box. This is the first contact with the user and the first thing that is seen in the unboxing. Make sure you convey what you want your brand to count – design, solidity, craft? Take a look and compare suppliers to make sure you do not truncate the experience before you start.

The inner packaging

The protections, quality of the paper or textures appear in a very obvious way. In fact, they tend to dissect this type of elements with enough care since an unboxing video lasts for a long time considering that it is a simple action, so everything tends to "stretch".

The surprise effect

You love being surprised and this does not have to be expensive. Sometimes a simple note is enough to thank the user for his purchase. Give it a human touch and, if it is in your hand, try to fully personalize the experience with this type of detail.

Gifts and bonuses

This requires a certain investment, but it does not have to be crazy. A small merchandising object that is useful and complementary to the purchased product can open the heart and the user's camera. For example - if you sell guitar strings you can always give a plectrum with your logo, a low-priced object aligned with your user.

You can also include a discount coupon and in passing, you favor the recurring purchase and loyalty to the user. You can even offer an additional discount to the user who uploads their unboxing.

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In reality, anything that has good packaging is likely to be unboxing meat, at least on paper.  Reality tells you that the products that work best are those related to technology, beauty, and fashion. Fashion and beauty work very well because of the ability to prescribe certain social profiles. Anything that some influencers do with which you should work within your niche becomes a magnet for your audience. 

Another business model that fits very well within the unboxing is the subscription boxes. There are always doubts before subscribing to a recurring shipping product that you do not control all the content you will receive, so see the unpacking that other users do of previous shipments can serve as a reference. 


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Author Bio: Smith Willas is a freelance writer, blogger, and digital media journalist. He has a management degree in Supply Chain & Operations Management and Marketing and boasts a wide-ranging background in digital media.  

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