Let’s face it, we all could use a little help in building our business, I happen to enlist the help of things that have a high vibration, such as crystals!


Let’s start with Citrine. I love Citrine. The color of the sun's golden rays. Citrine is known as the merchant’s stone of wealth. It is ideal for those looking for success in business and personal power in careers.  Citrine brings good luck in addition to prosperous new deals into your business. 

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is my next ‘must-have’ crystal. Beautiful, light pink Rose quartz is known for bringing in abundance. I have learned that this happens only when we are learning self-love, self-empowerment, and self-trust.  This crystal helps us feel compassion and softens the walls around our heart that we have erected. What I now understand, is that if you have walls around your heart, (most of us do because of traumas we’ve experienced) we think we are protecting ourselves by blocking out the bad stuff but instead we are also blocking out the good stuff. Rose Quartz is a great stone to crumble away the walls around your heart and build yourself back up into your vibrant, loved, empowered, trusting self. 


Pyrite is the next amazing one to have in your possession if you have a business. This golden square nugget helps with bringing in money and opening you up into prosperity in many ways, especially in financial terms. It’s also a heart-opening stone. Some keep it on them in their wallet, or by their cash register or in their purse for luck and fortune. It’s not like an ‘oh wow, luck will come my way now that I have this crystal”, it’s more of the energy of feeling lucky and feeling like you can create whatever you need when you need it, more of a ‘get it done’ crystal.

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 Clear Quartz

Next in line is a Clear Quartz.  Clear quartz is known to work with all the chakras and encourages clarity. Look to your clear quartz as your favorite neutral lip color that goes with everything. It is known as the amplifier stone. You will want to put your clear quartz in the same vicinity as all your other money crystals because you want to amplify all their vibrations. 


And last but not least, you want to have Selenite. This translucent crystal is found in a stick form. It is often used as a ‘wand’ to wave over and clear energy. Think of it like a charcoal cleanser that helps to detox you and your home. It allows that space for your true wealth to come flooding in. You can use it to clear energies off your other crystals, off yourself, out of your home, off everything really!   

In Summary

Crystals are tools, to help you change your life. They carry a vibrational frequency. We all struggle with internal, mental, and emotional blocks. Some of these blocks may even prevent the ease of money or wealth flowing into our lives. Blocks can be in the form of a limiting belief or a trauma you are holding on to. When we begin the process of self-discovery and look at these things, we can shift our own frequency to draw abundance towards us, and with the use of some amazing tools, we are supported in our process. I like to wear mine in a metal cage hanging off a chain around my neck or on a bracelet.

So, while it is true that money doesn’t grow on trees, it’s nice to know that having a few stones to throw into the mix may surely help with the manifesting of abundance in your business and your life.

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